FAE BL2/EX/VT Forestry Mulcher – Excavator Attachment

Forestry Mulchers For Excavators


Forestry mulcher with bite limiter technology.

Special steel profiles limit the depth of blade action, reducing the demand for power, guaranteeing speed and exceptional performance.
The BL2/EX/VT, designed for excavators from 8 to 14 t will mulch logs up to inches in diameter. It has a hydraulic piston motor with VT (variable torque) automatic displacement, significantly improving performance, increasing torque when necessary, and minimizing rotor stalling conditions.
The BL2/EX/VT has a rotor equipped with a heat-treated forged steel tooth holder, together with Type E reversible blades, and a standard hydraulic front hood. The hydraulic thumb is one of the available options, useful in managing and moving the material to be mulched to the ground.

The standard equipment includes:

  • 55/38cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor – (100 – 140 L/min | 26 – 37 gal/min)
  • flow control system valve
  • diverter valve (plug in and play)
  • safety and anticavitation valve
  • motor enclosed in the frame
  • belt transmission
  • bulkhead for hydraulic connections
  • hydraulic front hood
  • Bite Limiter rotor

Available on demand: dedicated rear hood (deflector), front fixed thumb bracked, hydraulic thumb, customized attachment bracket with pins, attachment plate with self levelling device, multiple tooth options.


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Forestry Mulcher
12 months manufacturers warranty.
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